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Gogobot invited us to experience a Travel Tuesday event featuring a fun San Diego activity. Art is alive and well in San Diego and apparently, so is libations! Gogobot partnered with Arts & Libations, a fun and edgy art class where you paint subjects inspired by tattoos, street art, contemporary artists, and the Southern California lifestyle. We got to Bamboo Lounge, a little early so we decided to eat first!

Bamboo Lounge | 1475 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103

Bamboo Lounge | 1475 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103

The inside of Bamboo Lounge is very laid-back and sophisticated. The inside and outdoor seating feels like a post-rain day in Seattle. Local San Diego is displayed everywhere.


While waiting for the paint group to arrive, we sat around the bar. Of course it was happy hour and you can't to happy hour. The atmosphere and vibe of Bamboo Lounge was very laid-back. The bartenders want to know your name, and how you really want your drink made. We opted for a couple drinks and 2 small pizzas. 


The pizza came out piping hot and the ingredients tasted fresh! I was surprised.


The group arrived and we shared some libations, everyone from different parts of the city and excited to get their paint on. We headed to the back of the room and started to paint.


Inspired by travel, Tiffany Acker, owner of Arts & Libations led the group to her idea of what we should paint. Her version of the compass rose is a little bit different. If you haven't seen a compass rose, they are found on a compass, map or nautical chart and shows you cardinal directions-North, East, South and West.

Music was on point and Tiffany was attentive to different levels of painting experiences. Felt at ease as I've made a couple of mistakes, but she assured me that there were no mistakes, especially nothing that a drink can't fix! 


3 wine glasses and 2 hours later--voila! Here's my version of Tiffany's version of the compass rose. Not bad after having 3 glasses of wine. It was kind of fun to see how everyone saw the same painting to mimic but everyone's version is different. 


It was a unique Tuesday in San Diego, where you would normally find Experience San Diego at a Taco Shop taking advantage of Taco Tuesday, this Tuesday was about travel. We've visited other painting and wine events in San Diego and there's a market for everyone! If you want to paint something edgy, or just looking for a fun date idea, check out They also hold classes at Alchemy.

After listening to everyone talk about their recent travels and love for travel, we took a month off and did a little bit of traveling of our own and rejuvenated our passion for California and San Diego. Look out for our upcoming adventure blogs! 

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