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I’m a huge breakfast guy; not literally huge, but a guy who hugely loves breakfast. Recently, some friends of ours asked if we would kitten-sit for them while they were out-of-town for the weekend. They even added that we could stay in their Pacific Beach apartment while they were away.

Of course we said yes! A weekend in PB, two blocks from the beach with two playful kittens; win! 

It’s Saturday morning. The weather is in typical San Diego style, warm and perfect. The kittens who we think act more like dogs than cats have been frantically chasing a laser pointer for the last hour, and are now sleeping on the sun warmed carpet. The weekend couldn’t have a nicer start. Little did we know that one simple breakfast suggestion made only a fews days before would make the beginning to this Saturday that much better . The suggestion coming from our UK friend Shawn Allan, @shawnwallan, whose apartment and kittens we were watching was to have breakfast at Fig Tree Cafe.  "You have to eat at Fig Tree; It's ace!"  he says with an, always charming, British accent.  Emily, Shawn's wife, also added that we have to try the Breakfast Sushi as well. 

Fig Tree Café | 5119 Cass St | San Diego, CA | 858.274.2233 |

Fig Tree Café | 5119 Cass St | San Diego, CA | 858.274.2233 |

Breakfast Sushi? My huge inner breakfast guy smiles at the idea.

On his suggestion, we walk the four blocks to Fig Tree Cafe which is located between Tourmaline & Sapphire on Cass Street. Approaching the cafe, we see a crowd standing outside the cafe with some people even sitting on the curb; all waiting for tables.  I’m a big believer in the idea that if a breakfast spot has a crowd standing outside and a wait time for tables then it must be good. My reasoning: no one really wants to stand in line for breakfast, unless the food is really worth the effort. I'm feeling very optimistic about Fig Tree Cafe. We ask the smiling hostess how long the wait will be. She says it's about 20 minutes. Not too bad. We add our name to the list.  

Front Entrance

Front Entrance

While we wait for a table, I notice that the café has a very friendly and inviting vibe. A huge well groomed shadetree grows high over the sidewalk, the street, hostess podium and much of the entrance into the café.


The tables look simple yet cozy, and it appears that much of the light comes through breaks in the shadetree’s canopy. This is exactly what anyone would want when enjoying a great low-keyed breakfast.

Fig Tree Hanging Sign[1].jpg

A quick 15 minutes later and we are sat at a comfortable table in the middle of the cafe.  Glancing to the people sitting around us, we notice just how much everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.  From all parts of the cafe, I hear lively conversations and see smiles that only could happen over a relaxing Saturday morning breakfast. 

Inside Fig Tree

Inside Fig Tree

A few moments later and we are greeted by our friendly server, Katy. She offers us coffee - Yes Please! - then continues to explain the cafe’s most popular menu items. My huge inner breakfast guy’s belly growls as she mentions the Breakfast Sushi, and an even more interesting item, Man Candy. I know what you’re thinking. I’ll start with Man Candy. It’s a simply idea that sounds crazy delicious.

Man Candy = thick piece of delicious bacon cooked in brown sugar
and paprika.

Man Candy = thick piece of delicious bacon cooked in brown sugar and paprika.

Sounds good right? Just wait. Breakfast Sushi uses this tasty treat as the wrap to hold a mixture of eggs, rice and scallions together in a sushi style roll. Sounds so good! We have to order one!  We also decide to order a traditional dish called the American which is eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast.

A cup of coffee later and our piping hot food comes out. Portions are much bigger than we expect made apparent by the mound of bacon and pile potatoes on the America, and the massive rolls on the Breakfast Sushi. No complaints from us though; looks great!

Breakfast Sushi

Breakfast Sushi

Throughly enjoying both dishes, we finish our meals. Without a doubt, the Breakfast Sushi and America have done the cafe proud as well as living up to our friend’s high recommendation. DELICIOUS! We sit in front of empty plates for awhile talking and drinking two more cups of coffee before even considering making our way back home. Like everyone else in the cafe, not one person seems to be in a rush to go anywhere. Not sure if it's the vibe in Pacific Beach this Saturday, or if it's the cafe’s peaceful atmosphere, but I am feeling so relaxed. My huge inner breakfast guy in full, happy and content that the weekend has been kicked off to a great start with a great meal at a great breakfast spot: Fig Tree Cafe



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