Great Maple - Hillcrest, Balboa Park Neighborhoods

Woke up to a balmy 70°F, if you didn’t get that joke, then you’re not from around here. Good friends wanted to get together for brunch and Great Maple on Washington in Hillcrest was suggested. 


Photograph.  Web. 03 Aug 2013.

Photograph. Web. 03 Aug 2013.

I've only been to this place once before and remembered how great the atmosphere was and how delicious the food was as well. It looks like they've changed a little bit of the menu since their opening on February 20th of this year. As soon as you walk inside, it is like walking into a scene from That 70's Show.  It felt like any moment, Fez was going to come to your table and tell you to taste his beignets (which we ordered and is a must try if you ever visit this place). As soon as we were sat, we were given a drink menu and of course, in brunch fashion, we ordered mimosas and I had  the House Mary. 


Great Maple | Drink Menu | Aug 2013

Great Maple | Drink Menu | Aug 2013

It took us awhile to pick out what to eat, because there's so many good things to choose from. The smell of French pastries and bacon in the air was making my stomach grumble. So many items to choose from on the menu. I decided to get the Portabella Mushroom Fries with Pesto Aioli & Dusted with Parmesan Cheese. It came with eggs, I always like mine sunny-side up, and also roasted potatoes. I took some photos and trust me on this one, it looks as good as the photo. Even their silverware was in 70's fashion. 


We spent 3 hours not feeling rushed at all by the waitstaff. It was a definite good time and a great san diego experience. You can even bring your album during turntable hour and they will play it. I don't know any place that do that. I took some more photos of the wall decorations. They even have a cool typewriter up in the front of the restaurant where they take reservations.  


"A simple declaration and appreciation for seasonal produce." - Great Maple