San Diego Restaurant Week begins again, and we’re excited to kick it off with a visit to see a burro, a Blind Burro. 


Both @SDJigger and I, @Danofrnandez are very active on twitter, using it as a way to connect with other San Diego locals, businesses and restaurants. In fact, most of the restaurants that we’ve visited are from direct user recommendations or interactions via Twitter. The Blind Burro is no exception. 


The Blind Burro - 639 J Street, San Diego, CA 92101 |

The Blind Burro - 639 J Street, San Diego, CA 92101 |

It’s noon on Sunday. The first day of Restaurant Week, and we’re heading downtown to a Mexican restaurant with a curious name. Located on the corner of 7th and J St. this restaurant falls in that grey area of downtown where you can’t decide if it’s considered East Village or Gas Lamp Quarter. Something Jigger and I try to figure out all the time. All I know is that parking in this area can be a tough situation no matter what part of downtown you consider it to be.

 Luckily, we find parking just out front of the restaurant after only a few minutes. From the outside, The Blind Burro has a Baja California vibe while being downtown trendy without trying too hard. It really looks like a fun and friendly place to grab a bite. 


Walking into the restaurant and we are greeted by a smiling hostess who quickly leads us to a table near the rear of the restaurant. It is fairly empty. However, that is probably because the Chargers are playing today, and sometimes its better to be completely frustrated in the privacy of your own home. #ChargersFansProblems 



The place looks great on the inside. To the right is a modern wood bar with a warm lacquered finish. To the left, the restaurant’s huge windows open out onto the street, letting in a warm breeze. The whole place has a calm vibe while still feeling lively; thanks to the great music that is playing, Bob Marley.


Not even a minute after settling into our booth when our server greets us with a very warm, “How are you guys doing today?” while handing us two menus. We order two coffees before looking over the Restaurant Week menu. The menu is divided into three section: Starters, Main Entrees, and Sides. Only during Restaurant Week are you able to order one item from each section for $10.00. It’s a really great to sample a restaurant’s menu with out spending too much. Our server returns a few short minutes later, and we make our selections. @SDJigger orders the small Quinoa salad, Angus Skirt Steak tacos (2) with Tuscan Kale - Cabbage slaw. I order the Fruit & Veggies, Calamari Steak Torta with Pinto beans. 



Smiling, she lets us know that it will only be a few minutes then disappears into the kitchen. After dumping in too much Splenda and creamer into my coffee, I stir it into a witch’s brew of caffeine and artificial sweetened overload. Just the way I like my coffee. 


The starters come out quickly. We’re both surprised by the size of @SDJigger's Quinoa salad. It’s pretty big for what is supposed to be a sample sized salad. Next comes the fruit & veggie starter. Full slices of melons, pickles, and, my favorite, Jicama covered in Tajin seasoning! I’m surprised and really happy to see that my starter is prepared in this “non mainstream” way. Who doesn’t love Tajin on jicama? They even give you the bottle of Tajin. I used up half of it! 



@SDJigger quickly destroys his salad. I know it must be really good because he literally says two words until he’s finished. I’m still working on the last piece of Tajin covered jicama when out comes our entrees. Our server sets down @SDJigger’s tacos fish. Two juicy skirt steak tacos with a side of aromatic and colorful kale slaw. Like everything in the restaurant his dish looks thoughtfully prepared and plated. Next comes my entree. Since this is restaurant week and we are only paying $10 each for a starter and entree with a side, I expected the portions to be smaller than usual. Especially since my order was a calamari steak, I expected a sample sized torta. The is not the case, at all. Our server places a large calamari steak torta in front of me with a side of pintos beans. My mouth waters. 



We bite into our entrees. I assume that @SDJigger is liking his tacos because he isn’t talking, again.  My butter calamari torta is seasoned perfectly, and the kale slaw gives the right amount of crunch. It’s good; I mean really good. You know a place is good when you’re already thinking about coming back, and you haven’t even finished eating yet. We’re definitely coming back. 


Last bite of torta in my mouth, and our server slides up to the table asking, “How was everything?” My mouth still full, and Jigger flavor slapped into silence from his taco, we could only give a energetic thumbs up. “Great!” she says with a smile then lets us know she’ll be right back with the check. 


We settle up the check, and head out. We walk by the friendly hostess who sat us earlier. “Bye guys, thanks for coming in,” she says as we leave the restaurant. We don’t say too much to each other until we are standing on opposite sides of the car. Just before we’re about to get in, we give each other a look. “Wait...Why haven’t we eaten there before?!...That place is GOOD, REALLY GOOD!” 


This burro might be blind but that doesn’t mean that he can’t cook; because he can. 



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