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While walking around downtown San Diego on Market Street, we were accosted by a sign you can't miss. It said, bang! Not once, but twice! We were curious to see what this was all about, so we took a peek and went up the 30 some steps. We came to find a unique and exquisite Asian-fusion cuisine restaurant, bar and club, all in one place.

While walking up the tunneled stairway, you can hear faint sounds, reminiscent of a subway station in Tokyo. The wind howls through your hair as you walk up. At the top is live polygonal visual art, which reminded us of the streets of Shibuya in Japan (google it, if you haven't seen it). 

Bang Bang has a total of 3 different areas. The first room, to your immediate right when you get to the stop of the stairs, is where the sushi chefs are. It's the most quiet out of the 3 different areas, but equally as fun, depending on your mood.

The main room is definitely a sight to see! The ceiling is covered by hundreds of gigantic Japanese paper lanterns. The bar has a master grand selection of any form of libation you desire and the large screen at the back projects epileptic art! Talk about a massive sensory overload. It was surprisingly quiet, but then this was at 6:30 pm. Later in the evening, the place was elbow to elbow packed. In the crowd are singles, couples, business visitors, and any man, woman in all walks of life. Dressed up or dressed down, this is the place to be for an eclectic scene.

We grabbed a seat at the back and started off with a pitcher of Japanese beer and hot sake. We yelled out loud, "kanpai!", as the Japanese would say. Kanpai means to dry up your glass, it's their version of cheers! We quickly dried up our Bang Bang sake glasses and ordered our food.

We looked through the menu and saw some interesting rolls to order, like: The Gosling, RGT, Thai-1-On, and Bruce Lee! We told the server to just bring out what they think is best and we would try it! The rolls here are pretty average priced ($$). Out of the three that they brought us, our favorite was the RGT roll. RGT = Rosemary + Garlic + Tuna, which includes spicy tuna, cucumber, ahi tuna, ponzu, rosemary garlic oil, cilantro, pistachio and garlic chips! 

After eating, we asked if we could see the 3rd area, which was their disco room. It was still closed, as it was only 8:30pm, but they showed it to us anyway. The room, we were told, houses the largest disco ball in the west coast! It was huge! I could definitely see us getting our dance on in here. 

We walked back to our table to finish up our beer and it was like night and day! The place was packed and music started to bump. 

It was crazy how in the past 2 hours we were there, the place immediately packed (and we could see why!). We decided to make a pit stop before we headed out. While walking into the mens room (which is covered with Bruce Lee, Aquaman, Godzilla and Voltron photos), a bunch of giggling girls came out of the ladies room. We asked them what was so funny, and they said there was a Ryan Gosling bathroom! We asked them to snap a photo for us, so we can share it with you. One of the girls said she kissed Ryan Gosling, which we thought was really cool that she liked him a lot, but then thought it was gross because she kissed the bathroom wall.

Overall, we thought that whether you are a local San Diegan or a visitor, you definitely have to visit this place. If you're looking to do it as a date night, we suggest visiting Sunday-Thursday. Fridays and Saturday nights are their busiest, and usually line is out the door if you don't get there early enough. 

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