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Do you want to get Naked in Solana Beach? We did; and loved every minute of it! Of course, we're talking about getting a bite to eat at Naked Cafe, and not the other thing that you might be thinking - save that for Blacks Beach, if you’re so adventurous. 

Naked Cafe is located at 106 S Sierra Ave in Solana Beach, only a couple blocks off HWY 101, and directly across from Fletcher Cove Beach Park. This popular breakfast and lunch only spot is a "must try" for anyone visiting Solana Beach, and is definitely worth the drive up from San Diego. 


Our decision to have breakfast at Naked Cafe is based on a recommendation made by our friend who is an Encinitas local and North San Diego County expert. We completely trust her judgement about great places eat. So when she mentions, almost urges that we eat at Naked Cafe, we quickly jump at the idea..

Waking up to the cafe, it immediately strikes us how cozy and tucked away it is. From the outside, it looks to only hold about 50 people at a time. However, that doesn't seem to deter people from waiting in a rather long line to eat in this very cool little cafe. So we follow suit putting our name on the wait list before queuing at the end of the line. 

Only a short 30 minutes later, and it's our turn to be sat. Our table is in the middle of the cafe which allows for a perfect view of the beach. That coupled with the fact the nearly half of the restaurant is open-air, a very laid back and airy atmosphere is created.

A moment later, we see a server squeeze through the crowd, and up to our table, greeting us with a friendly smile. She quickly takes our coffee orders [Naked Mocha, Hammerhead, and Malaysian Mocha] before disappearing back through the crown, and toward the direction of the kitchen. 

Although the restaurant is very busy, our wait for drinks is relatively short, arriving to our table only minutes later. Our server asks if we needed any help with the menu, but our friend Patti, the local expert, has already explained, in detail, the entire menu. She's the type of person who very knowledgeable about things that she really enjoys. It's obvious that the Naked Cafe is something that she really likes; a lot. 


With a friendly smile, our server takes our orders: Fresh Wild Blueberry pancakes, Chunky mango & shredded coconut, The "Om", Sesame Ginger Chicken Soft Tacos, The Calexxxican, and Fire Cracker Egg Scramble. 

Like the drinks, our food is out in only minutes. We ordered with a family style mind set, wanting to try a little bit of each dish that we'd ordered. It all smells so good, giving off a warm aroma that feels the air with fragrant hints of ginger and lotus. One by one, we began to dig into each dish. 

To say that these dishes are good is an understatement. They are absolutely delicious. Even still, they taste healthy, very healthy, and fresh, like each dish is providing more than the usual amount of nutrients. This fact is more than likely thanks to the farm-to-table motto that Naked Cafe lives and thrives by. 

Minutes pass, nobody says a word to one another, they just eat. The pancakes, the wraps, and the vegetarian dish, "The Om", are a  huge hit with everyone. With no great rush, wanting to enjoy the meal, atmosphere and company, we slowly polish off each plate, leaving nothing behind. 

Our server clears away the empty plates as we all lean back slightly in our chairs with the slouch that comes with a full belly, and we laugh about how full we are and how great the food was. We pay the bill, thanking the server for the great food, then decide that we definitely need to walk off some of this fullness. Luckily, the Naked Cafe is right across the street from one of the most picturesque beaches in Solana Beach.  

We spend the next next hour walking the beach, taking some shots of surfers, and enjoying the warm weather. The fullness settles away, being replaced by the feeling of having a fully satisfying meal. This was are first time getting Naked in Solana Beach, and it will not be our last. This cozy cafe has hooked us, and we can not wait to get Naked with our friends again.

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